Straight Up Sisters Podcast with RaqC & La Susie in Costa Rica
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Straight Up Sisters The Podcast, the podcast welcomes you to Costa Rica for the next 6 days, where you'll have the opportunity to dive deep, uncover and renew your soul! Join us on this one of a kind Straight Up Sisters Podcast, Yoga / Meditation with RaqC & La Susie in Costa Rica with your two amazing hosts, RaqC & La Susie and other amazing like minded women.


· 6 Days·
5 Nights


· El Mangroove Golfo de Papagayo


· Private Transportation

· Airport Pickup/Drop-off


· Daily Breakfast

· 3 Dinners

· 3 Lunches


· Yoga /Meditation

· Sunset Catamaran

· Cultural Exploration

· Jungle Adventure

Welcome to Costa Rica Arrival and Relaxation

· Airport pickup and transport to hotel - Check in
· Goody Bag
· Leisure time: Rest + Refresh
· Cocktail/Network hour to meet + get to know the Squad
· Welcome Dinner with RaqC & Susie Book our Podcast with RaqC & La Susie or Yoga / Meditation with RaqC & La Susie or Healing with RaqC & LaSusie or Relaxation with RaqC & La Susie in Costa Rica Tour package with ITA Global.

Dive Deep

· Sunrise Yoga / Meditation with RaqC
· Breakfast
· Hello Beautiful Workshop with RaqC & LaSusie
· Leisure time: Rest + Refresh
· Dinner with the Squad


· Sunrise Yoga with RaqC
· Breakfast
· Let's Explore the Rainforest
· Evening leisure time: You’re free to explore (dinner not included)

Book this Straight Up Sisters Podcast with RaqC & La Susie in Costa Rica or Healing workshop with RaqC & LaSusie Tour package with ITA Global to enjoy all of this and more…


· Sunrise Yoga with RaqC
· Breakfast
· P.S. I Love You Workshop
· Lunch
· Free time: Rest + Refresh
· Sunset Catamaran
· Bonfire ceremony with RaqC & LaSusie

All of this and more are covered in Elevate your Vibe retreat with RaqC & La Susie in Costa Rica or RaqC & La Susie invite you to Costa Rica Tour package. Book Now.


· Sunrise Yoga / Meditation led by RaqC
· Breakfast
· Vibe Check Circle with RaqC & LaSusie
· Spa
· Closing Dinner hosted by RaqC & LaSusie
· Pool Day


· Sunrise Yoga with RaqC
· Breakfast
· Feeling like a brand new woman!
· Shuttle pickup to airport
· Depart

Book our Straight Up Sisters Podcast with RaqC & La Susie or Yoga / Meditation with RaqC & La Susie or Healing with RaqC & LaSusie or Relaxation with RaqC & La Susie in Costa Rica Tour package now and carry with you some of the best memories that can last you the rest of your life!

1. How safe is Costa Rica?

Yes our team will be there to pick you up at the airport, typically we will transfer you within 1 - 2 hours of your arrival. In some cases we have people arriving in back to back flights so we will wait for everyone before we depart.

2. How safe is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a democratic tradition and extensive tourist facilities. Like any destination, however, Costa Rica has its share of crime, especially in the larger cities. Pickpocketing is a particular concern for travelers, especially in crowded airports and visitor sites. Be aware of your valuables and avoid carrying large amounts of cash, jewelry or other expensive items. You will always be with our team and expert guides with private transportation. Safety is our priority but we want to make sure you are always alert to your surroundings.

3. Do I need a VISA or Passport?

Travelers will all need a passport valid for at least 6 months after they depart. Visas are not currently required for citizens of the following countries staying up to 90 days: United States, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, and Panama. Travelers from Australia, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, South Africa, and Venezuela do not need a visa for stays under 30 days. Visitors from other nationalities should check with the Costa Rican Embassy for visa information. Entry requirements change with surprising frequency. It is each traveler’s responsibility to check for the most recent visa information.

4. Do I need travelers insurance?

Yes you will need to have travelers insurance before entering Costa Rica. This is best in case you get sick or any other emergencies. Costa Rica does have a good healthcare system for immediate needs.

5. What are the accommodations like?

You will be staying at a luxury, beach resort in Guanacaste province. The amenities are amazing: pool, gardens, pristine spaces, beautiful beaches, spa and spacious rooms. Most of the rooms have king or queen beds, so for best pricing, you will want to come down with someone with whom you can share a ROOM. You also have the option to book as a private room.

6. What type of electrical outlets do I need in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica uses the same power outlets as the United States, 2-prong 110V.

7. Do I need to bring cash or do they take Credit Cards?

Since most of your expenses are handled as part of the retreat, you really just need shopping money. US dollars are widely accepted, though bills larger than $20 may be an issue. You can go to a bank with your ATM/credit card and get more cash as needed. Credit cards are accepted only in the larger restaurants and stores. Although it is helpful to bring a credit card along for emergencies, don’t count on using it for most purchases.

8. What is food like in Costa Rica?

The food in Costa Rica has a high reliance on fruits and vegetables. Almost every Costa Rican meal includes Rice and Beans. The most commonly eaten meat are pork and beef, but chicken dishes are also widely available. Casado (literally Married Man) is probably the most traditional dish in this country. It's not a singular dish, actually, it is a marriage of food that is served on the same plate. Sopa Negra, Olla de carne and Chifrijo, are some of the traditional Costa Rican Dishes. Enjoy the best of Costa Rican traditional cuisines as part of our Costa Rica vacation packages.

9. Is there WIFI at the Resort?

There is Wifi at the resort and most restaurants will provide free WIFI service.

10. Do I need vaccinations to enter Costa Rica?

Vaccinations are not required.

11. What can I expect at the Retreat?

You can expect meditative mornings, delicious, nourishing meals, quality time on the amazing healing with RaqC & La Susie. Expect a friendly, wel- coming setting and well deserved rest and leisure time. Plus incredible networking opportunities and friendships.for emergen- cies, don’t count on using it for most purchases.

12. What is the nearest Airport to our Hotel and Retreat Center?

The nearest airport to Guanacaste is Liberia (LIR) Airport which is 33.4 km away. San Jose Costa Rica is the main international airport and it's approximately 2.5 hours from Hotel.

13. Do I need to have experience in Yoga or Meditation?

You do not need experience in yoga or meditation to be part of our yoga & meditation with RaqC & La Susie retreat. We will guide you through the process.

14. Is it possible to change an activity?

All activities are part of our Retreat schedule and can not be changed or switched. If you miss an activity due to flight delays, sickness etc, the activity can not be replaced. If you want to do other activities, you can do it in your free time or book an extra couple of nights to explore more of Costa Rica.

15. Can Kids Attend the retreats?

No this is an adult only retreat with RaqC & La Susie.


· International flights
· Meals not mentioned in the itineraries
· Alcoholic drinks unless specified in itinerary


Thank You


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