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DESTINATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY (DMC) ITA GLOBAL WELCOMES YOU ITAGLOBAL is a Destination Management Company (DMC) based in LATAM with offices in Nicaragua, Panama and the United States. We vet local operators and suppliers around the world making sure they understand the importance of our customer service standards, attention to detail, and our commitment to local sustainable tourism. Here are some of our most popular travel destinations requested by travelers. If you love the package... book it, if we need to modify... we will. That’s the tailor made experience with ITAGLOBAL.

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Each and every destination has its local traditions and culture with a large part being food. No matter which destination you choose, Destination Management Company (DMC) ITA GLOBAL will make sure to introduce you to local flavors and encourage you to try new things you may have never heard or seen before. Life is Short, Travel More!

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What our Customer about ItaGlobal & about our Service...

  • Destination Management Company 

  • Nicaragua | Panama | USA
  • USA Office: 213-293-6422
  • Nicaragua Office: 505-2277-2915 
  • Panama Office: 507-6820-8361