Tailor Made Travel

Tailor Made Travel or Customized travel is creating the perfect itinerary for your travel desires. Our team will carefully craft all the details of your Customized travel, Tailor made vacation, Tailor made tour, Tailor made holiday, Tailor made trip, Theme travel or Personal travel in anticipation of your arrival to ensure the optimal travel experience. At ITAGLOBAL we focus not only on great quality of service but most importantly on the authenticity of each country you visit.

Tailor Made Theme Travel

Are you a dreamer?
So are we and we know how to execute ideas into experiences customized for your group. It doesn't matter if it’s friendly travel or organized groups and company travel, our vast ability to curate Tailor Made Travel, Tailor made vacation, Tailor made tour, Tailor made holiday or Tailor made trip experiences is unmatched by others. With exclusive access to private air, land and sea accommodations we will make sure to leave you with your mouth wide open and salivating for more.

Luxury & Lifestyle

Privacy and luxury come hand in hand. Jetset across the globe in one of our Luxury Planes, or Private Yachts. Enjoy the finest accommodations and service standards with our global network of luxury brands at your service.

Black Expats Worldwide

Black Expats Worldwide promotes awareness of international opportunities and options for Blacks wanting to live abroad. A place to share and learn from travel to other countries and connect with Black culture/history in those regions

Romantic Escapes

Before life passes you by, plan a special trip with your loved one and leave the details to us. We will set the mood and you do the rest. Check out the tailor made honeymoon vacation special.

Adventure Seekers

Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers love countries like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia for their diverse topography and landscape with volcanic mountains and exotic beaches on both the Caribbean and pacific. Check out the Adventures Seekers tailor made trip special.


Wellness retreats have become popular in LATAM for people seeking natural energy fields and meditation sites. Yoga and fitness also are popular themes dealing with mind, body, & soul. Check out the Zen/Meditation tailor made holiday tour special.

Cultural immersion

Once you start traveling internationally it becomes obvious that the rest of the world has cultures and customs different from yours. Like the Embera Tribe of Panama. Experience music, foods, languages, and traditions for a life changing moment with our tailor made vacation special packages.

Active Lifestyle

Yoga and fitness have become popular active themes dealing with mind, body, & soul. Treat yourself, you deserve it. Check out the active lifestyle tailor made travel special.

Culinary Trips

If you are a foodie or into craft beer and wine then our culinary and gastronomy tours focused on local chefs and their amazing creations will have your taste buds exploding with flavor. Check out the tailor made culinary trips special.

Relocation & Retirement

If you are ready for a change then you will love our relocation tours for those seeking a new lifestyle in Latin America. Regardless if you ready to retire or just looking for something new we will show you local spots and make personalized introductions to help with your transition

Tailor Made Personal Travel

If you're traveling with a small group of friends or family, we work with you to make the perfect tailor made personal travel. Transportation, Hotels, Tours, Food, Entertainment, we serve you as a 24 hour Tailor Made Travel, Tailor made vacation, Tailor made tour, Tailor made holiday or Tailor made trip concierge service personalized to your liking. If you prefer a do it yourself trip or an Airbnb rental we can still work with you to combine local culture, cuisine and friendship as you explore new destinations.

Group Celebrations

Have you found an AirBnb or VRBO Vacation Rental that you absolutely love?
If so we can bundle a packaged deal around the accommodations of your choice or leave it to our specialists to help you find the perfect place. Traveling with a small group or joining a larger group trip is a fun way to get more for your money. Try staying at a private villa or individual cabins for the ultimate group bonding experience with our tailor made personal travel packages. ultimate group bonding experience.

Destination Wedding

Are you getting ready to tie the knot?
Why not make your wedding that much more memorable by letting us help you create the perfect Destination Wedding. We handle your groups travel logistics and coordinate key local wedding resources for you so your only responsibility is showing up and walking down the aisle.

Family & Friends

When was the last time you had a family reunion?
If you have ever planned one, it can be very stressful trying to make everyone happy and having everything organized from arrival/departure times, food allergies and sleeping arrangements, not to mention all the random questions that come up. Focus your time enjoying your trip with family instead of organizing it. Leave the travel logistics and details up to us.

Solo Traveler

Are you someone who likes to venture out on your own?
From singles trips to joining other groups during their travel, we have something for you. Check out the tailor made personal travel special packages.

Couples Getaway

Not sure where to travel for young couples, elderly couples, lovers or friends?
The flexible and intimate nature of a couples trip can be as romantic or as adventurous as your desire because we can help you plan the perfect trip. Check out the tailor made Couples Gateway special travel packages.

Looking for creating the perfect itinerary for your travel desires? Get in touch with ITA Global for all your tailor made travel, customized travel, tailor made vacation, tailor made tour, tailor made holiday, tailor made trip, theme travel, tailor made personal travel or company travel need. Our team will carefully craft all the details in anticipation of your arrival to ensure the optimal travel experience.

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