Peru vacation packages
Peru vacation packages

Peru Vacation Packages

Peru Vacation Packages

Peru vacation packages that will leave you memories to last a lifetime. Peru is a mystical wonderland, a mecca of culinary amazements, a country of wonders and rich cultural heritage. Peru is divided into three regions, the Amazonian jungle, highlands of the iconic Andes mountains, the pacific coastal region home to some of the worlds best waves. Peru is home to Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Inca Trail, city of cusco and the rich archeological sites that exist throughout the country. The capital Lima along the Pacific coast preserves the most important collections of pre-Columbian art. The Top things to do in Peru vacation package are to explore the real Amazon, find a way to Machu Picchu, Eat Adventurously, get the most out of Lima, spend a day with the Condors, Hike and climb every mountain, discover the magic of Cusco, read between the NAZCA lines and white water rafting on the mighty Rio Apurimac with our Peru luxury vacation packages, Peru tour packages, Peru luxury travel packages, Peru holiday packages or Peru trip packages. Book Peru luxury packages from below.

Peru Vacation Packages Faqs

Peruvian food is often referred to as Criolla or Creole food because of the blend of Spanish, Asian, Incan, and other European cuisine influences that are integrated into their cooking. Ingredients are based heavily on potatoes, beans, rice, beef, eggs, lamb, fish, corn, chicken, and especially the Aji, or chili.

Ceviche. It's Peru's national dish, the best versions of this marinated fish dish are in Lima and it's the freshest, tastiest and healthiest dish you will ever have. Enjoy the best of Peruvian traditional cuisines as part of our Peru Vacation Package.

Peru may be famous for its ancient cultures, age-old cities, and wealth of history, but there’s more to this charming country than first meets the eye. Peru’s beautiful 1,500-mile stretch of coast boasts some of the best beaches for surfing in the region.

Tucked away along the northern coast, Punta Sal is a first-class beach, considered one of the most beautiful in all the country. The beach is popular with city-dwellers who take the speedy hour-long train ride out of the city to spend time kicking back on the golden sands. Punta Sal is the longest beach on this part of the coast – its gentle waves and golden sands create a stunning spot to spend a few days. Visit Punta Sal and more in Peru vacation package.

Mancora’s beach is all pure powdery sand and good vibes – add to that almost year-round sunshine and cloudless blue skies and you have yourself one of the most popular beach destinations in Peru. Book Peru packages, Peru vacation packages, Peru tour packages, Peru travel packages, Peru holiday packages or Peru trip packages and visit the most popular beaches in Peru.

Osso is meant for meat lovers. Head to the La Molina restaurant and grab one of the 12 seats at Garibaldi’s tasting-menu-only butcher’s table. The feast begins with house-made charcuterie, followed by tartare, hot dogs, sliders, and grilled cuts in various dry-age stages, all showcasing the chef’s skills and profound knowledge of both meat and fire.

Taberna Queirolo serves traditional Peruvian dishes, such as caucau (cow tripe stew), aji de gallina (chicken stew with aji peppers), corn tamales, and pork sandwiches. Order a ruleta, a shareable appetizer plate that features small portions of three to four classic recipes. This quintessential restaurant is located on a corner in the working-class neighborhood of Pueblo Libre.

Astrid y Gastón topped the inaugural Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2013 and Acurio went on to win the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Book Peru packages, Peru vacation packages, Peru tour packages, Peru travel packages, Peru holiday packages or Peru trip packages and visit the most popular restaurants in Peru to pamper your taste buds.

Peru is a great option to live in, it counts with good weather, friendly people, and a wealth of interesting sites to visit. Peru is also one of the least expensive countries to retire in. Get in touch with ITA Global to know more about Peru vacation packages and relocation related information.

The winter (May to September) is considered the best time to visit the country, especially if you are planning to visit Cusco or trek to Machu Picchu. Contact ITA Global to know more about best time to travel and Peru vacation packages.

Soles are the Peruvian currency, but U.S. dollars are widely accepted in the country.

All travelers arriving in Peru must be quarantined for 14 days on arrival. This quarantine is mandatory for all foreigners, nationals or residents who enter Peru on or after January 4, 2021. Travelers who planned to visit Peru for fewer than 14 days must complete the full quarantine and should contact their airlines to change their tickets.

Peru has two seasons owing to its proximity to the equator. These are not traditionally known as summer and winter, but as the wet season which runs from December to March, and the dry season which runs from May to September. To know more about Peru vacation packages, contact ITA Global.

In Peru you can find many historical attractions, which is included in our Peru vacation packages, Peru tour packages, Peru travel packages, Peru holiday packages and Peru trip packages. Machu Picchu is one of the new world wonders and it definitely deserves to be. But the country has many more archaeological sites that are just as impressive. Kuelap is a fortified citadel in northern Peru where the Andes meets the Amazon at 3,000 meters above sea level. Kuelap was the political center of the Chachapoya (‘People of the Clouds’) civilization, a pre-Columbian culture that flourished from about 900 to 1400 AD. The original fortress covered an impressive 25,000 square miles. It consisted of buildings of civil, religious, and military purposes as well as 420 circular stone dwellings.

Caral is the oldest center of civilization in the Americas, dating back 2600 BC and its pyramids are contemporary with the Egyptian Pyramid Era. The site includes 6 large pyramid structures with two sunken plazas at the base and a large plaza connecting all the mounds.

o have been an administrative and ceremonial center that served political-religious purposes. Sechin is close to Casma, which is known as the city of the eternal sun because of its hot and sunny weather almost 365 days per year. To book your Peru vacation package, contact ITA Global.

Peru has an incredible natural environment. Dozens of national parks and reserves make up a bit more than 10% of the country.

Manu is probably the most famous national park in Peru. Covering nearly a million hectares, Manu National Park & Biosphere Reserve is the second-largest protected area in the country and one of the largest in South America. It is also thought to be the most biodiverse zone on earth.

The Paracas National Reserve is located in the department of Ica on the southern coast. About two-thirds of the 335,000-hectare reserve is ocean; the desert landscape is barren and rather absent of most plant life. The Ballestas Islands, contained within the nature preserve, are rich in bird and sea lion life, and present excellent and very accessible opportunities for viewing wildlife up close.

Whether you are planning for personal travel or business travel in Peru, get in touch with ITA Global for all your Peru luxury vacation packages, Peru tour packages, Peru luxury travel packages, Peru holiday packages and Peru trip packages need. If you love the Peru vacation package... book it, if we need to customize to your own travel requirements... we will.