Things to do in Panama
Things to do in Panama

Things to do in Panama

Things to do in Panama

Things to do in Panama

Top things to do in Panama recommended by ITA Global - Panama City Tour, Casco Viejo Walking Tour, Stay at Westin Playa Bonita Panama, See the National Parks in Panama, Visit the Indigenous Communities Guna Yala & Emberá, Stay at Panama Riviera Pacifica, Veraguas Adventure Tour, Bocas del Toro Town tour, Celebrate Afro-Panamanian Culture & Heritage. Book top Panama vacation packages from below



Beautiful beaches and idyllic islands aren’t the only treasures to be found in Panama  discover the best of Panama City tour. Panama City is the most cosmopolitan capital in Central America, and a must-visit for any traveler in the area. The capital of Panama is actually 3 cities in one, with a historic district, a rebuilt district, and very modern areas. This vibrant and dynamic urban center is truly a cosmopolitan city in the middle of the tropics, so expect to see massive skyscrapers surround- ed by breathtaking nature. And don’t forget: Panama City is home to one of the 7 man-made wonders of the world, the famed Panama Canal. As home to the canal, along with the most well-connected airport in Latin America, Panama City truly helps connect the world.

To get a glimpse of all three cities at once—the old, the rebuilt and the modern—from 199 meters up, hike to the city’s highest point, Cerro Ancón as part of Panama City tour. This scenic spot is a must-see for every visitor. You’ll also want to check out the Metropolitan Natural Park, a veritable rainforest in the city, making Panama City the only national capital in the world with a tropical rainforest within its city limits. And of course, you’ll want to see the world-famous Panama Canal, which can be seen at the Miraflores Locks, a few minutes from the heart of Panama CIty.

& CASCO VIEJO walking tour

Experience the historical, charming and vibrant neighborhood of Casco Antiguo as part of Casco viejo walking tour.  Casco Antiguo, also known as Casco Viejo, or the ‘old quarter,” is Panama City’s historic district. Considered a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site, the district dates back to 1673, and features vibrant plazas and picturesque brick-paved streets surrounded by colorful buildings. The area is ideal for walking, discover- ing history and enjoying a variety of fine cuisine. Come for some of the city’s best gastronomy, culture and photo ops, and stay to mingle with the locals in the heart of the city. You’ll encounter some religious history at the Metropoli- tan Cathedral of Panama City located in the main square, Plaza Mayor, as well as the Church of San Jose, famous for its amazing golden altar. As you walk, make sure to stop at Plaza de Francia, a beautiful plaza that pays homage to the French role in the construction of the Panama Canal. The plaza is also home to Las Bóvedas, a monument that was once used as a defense against pirate attacks. Next, visit Paseo Esteban Huertas, where you’ll get pristine views of the city skyline and bay. Besides being beautiful and charming, Casco viejo walking tour is an absolutely safe at any time of the day.


The perfect place to spend a couple of nights surrounded by many of the city's most prominent destinations... stay at the The Westin Playa Bonita Panama, an idyllic retreat on the golden sands of Playa Bonita Beach. The Pacific Ocean and lush, tropical rainforests are only steps away from our doors. Vacationers will delight in our three infinity-edge pools, six restaurants and Sensory Spa. Discover your best self in one of our 611 rooms and suites, which offer spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean or rainforest. This places is the perfect getaway within minutes of the city. Book top things to do in Panama vacation packages with ITA Global now and stay at the The Westin Playa Bonita Panama.


In its natural beauty, its biodiversity and unparalleled landscapes, Panama is incomparable. More than a third of the country is conformed by protected natural reserves, focused on the conservation of its ecosystems. Most of these protected areas are part of the National Park system, which includes 13 national and marine parks in Panama, and one international park. Some of these parks are near the heart of the city, just 30 minutes away from downtown. Here are some National Parks in Panama for your next nature-filled adventure in Panama. Santa Fe National Park, Metropolitan Natural Park, Soberania National Park, Chagres National Park, Volcan Baru National Park and Gulf of Chiriqui, just to mention a few.


Learn about tradition and nature through the eyes of 7 indigenous communities in Panama. Most of them live in protected territories, located all over the country. In these, Panama’s 7 native ethnic groups (Guna, Teribe, Buglé, Ngäbe, Naso, Emberá and Wounaan) practice ancestral forms of government, preserve dances and songs, and hold on to their deep cosmological beliefs and cultural expressions. The Panamanian indigenous communities are composed of expert craftsmen who produce exquisite wood carvings, wonderful miniatures from the hard-ivory palm seed, beautiful baskets, masks, bags woven with vegetable fiber and colorful clothes like the Mola. It is possible to visit them whether their location is by the sea, like the Gunas, in high mountains, like the Ngäbe, or nestled deep into the rainforest like the Emberá. These indigenous communities in Panama enjoy sharing their culture with visitors on an equal basis. Book top things to do in Panama vacation packages with ITA Global now.


The Guna Yala are the most visible of Panama’s indigenous communities, around 62000 people living along the easter Caribbean coast, and on 49 of the 400 islands that belong to the Guna Yala archipelago, also known as San Blas Islands. They have semi-autonomous status within Panama and have had economic success due to the trade, manufac- turing and fishing. A visit to the indigenous community in Panama GunaYala will be visiting a beautiful paradise within a native environment. There you can rent tents, small huts, hammocks for sailboats. Book top things to do in Panama vacation packages with ITA Global and make magic happen.


The indigenous community of Panama Emberá had always lived in the Darien rainforest where their current territory has about 12,000 inhabitants. Starting in the 1960s, some Emberás emigrated to the Panama Canal watershed and established villages along the Chagres river (Parará Puru, Emberá Drua, Tusípono Emberá and Ella Puro) and on the shores of Lake Gatun (Emberá Quera). Visiting an Emberá village will give you a chance to talk with the leaders of the indigenous community in Panama Emberá and learn about their way of life and how they see the world. You’ll see their traditional homes, take part in their dances and enjoy their handicrafts. Indulge in body painting or a temporary tattoo made with jagua! Enjoy all of these and more when you book our top things to do in Panama vacation packages.


If you’re looking for a resort-style beach vacation, complete with white-sand beaches and beautiful blue water, look no further than Panama Riviera Pacifica. This fast-paced area comprises a corridor of beaches along the Pacific Coastline, conveniently located just outside of Panama City and easily accessible with a car. At the Riviera, you’ll find a variety of hotel options from basic to all-inclusive, to higher-end resorts, as well as 5 golf courses. Close to the beautiful nature of Valle de Antón, Panama Riviera Pacifica brings together the natural and urban worlds, in true Panama style.

Stay at one of the area’s all-inclusive resorts in Bijao, Playa Blanca or Buenaventura for luxury accommoda- tions, pool access and wellness activities such as spas and massages on the beach. Go to Chame or El Palmar for surfing and kitesurfing, and visit the beach town of Coronado to find hotels, restaurants, a clinic and other urban facilities. You’ll also find options for golfing, boating, fishing, snorkeling, motorcycling and surfing, as well as fine dining in the area. The drive will take 1-2.5 hours from Panama city, depending on what part of the coast you decide to visit. Book top things to do in Panama vacation packages Now.


In this province, you can have it all. Veraguas is the only province with access to both the Caribbean and the Pacific Oceans. Its cool mountain temperatures in the north make it easy for visitors to hike to dozens of waterfalls, while its unspoiled, sunny beaches in the South give visitors incredible views and the opportunity to snorkel, dive, and surf in several beautiful beach- es.Tubing, bird watching, swimming in the sparkling water holes, and orchid farm tours can also be arranged by local tour operators. Experience kayaking to the remote Caribbean coast at Calovebora or camp at La Yeguada Forest Reserve before heading back the next day as part of Veraguas adventure tour package. There are limited accommodations on the northern side of the province. Santa Fe is about 1.5 hours or 40 miles from Santiago. Experience Veraguas adventure tour and excursions and picturesque views and more as part of our top things to do in Panama vacation packages.


Bocas del Toro Town, or just Bocas Town, is the capital of Bocas del Toro Province, in Panama. It's at the southern tip of Isla Colón, in the Caribbean Sea. Nearby beaches include sheltered Starfish Beach, to the northwest. Bluff Beach, on the east coast, is known for its strong surf. To the north, rocky Bird Island is home to the rare red-billed tropicbird. Enjoy tour of Bocas del Toro Town and nearby beaches and more as part of our top things to do in Panama vacation packages. Book Now.


The Afro-Panamanian culture, as vibrant and rich as other cultures coexisting in Panama, is woven from the profound influence of the African diaspora on the nation's history and traditions. This Afro-Panamanian cultural mosaic encompasses a diverse array of customs, music, dance, and cuisine, reflecting the enduring spirit and resilience of the Afro-Panamanian community. With roots deeply embedded in the legacy of enslaved Africans pivotal to Panama's development, Afro-Panamanian traditions celebrate their contributions through captivating rhythms like Congo and Saloma, traditional dances like Tamborito, and unique culinary delights such as rice and peas, plantains, and coconut-infused dishes. Embracing a profound connection to ancestral roots, Afro-Panamanian culture stands as a testament to the nation's cultural diversity, highlighting the enduring impact of African heritage in shaping Panama's identity. The AFRO PANAMANIAN CULTURAL GUIDEBOOK, authored by Jameelah Muhammad, a native of Chicago, Illinois, serves as a dedicated exploration of the immense beauty within the Afro Culture in Panama. Jameelah's academic journey, including a Master's degree from la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, reflects her deep interest in Hispanic Linguis- tics, particularly the African influence on the speech of colonial Mexico. Her extensive travels and cross-cultural experiences further enrich the narrative, offering readers a comprehensive insight into the Afro-Panamanian cultural experience.


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