About ITA

ITA is a DMC (Destination Management Company) based in LATAM with offices in Nicaragua, Panama and the United States. We vet local operators and suppliers around the world making sure they understand the importance of our customer service standards, attention to detail, and our commitment to local sustainable tourism.

What Does This Mean For You?

  • You will always have a local operations team showing you their amazing country, food, music, culture and most popular tourist destinations.

  • By working with ITA you can trust that your travel offer will be authentic, unique and like no other lead by locals however with an added level of customer service based on US standards and expectations that make you feel right at home while exploring foreign nations.

  • From the time that you first inquiry all the way throughout your trip and beyond our customer service value add will remind why it was the best decision ever to work with ITA.

  • We understand that you're busy with your career and managing your organization, that is why we seek out the most trusted and professional services for you.