Mayan Wellness Retreat in Guatemala

You are invited to an inclusive Mayan Wellness Retreat in Guatemala. The Mayan Wellness Retreat will take place in remote and magical locations that include Peten, El Remate, Lake Atitlan,...
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You are invited to an inclusive Mayan Wellness Retreat in Guatemala. The Mayan Wellness Retreat will take place in remote and magical locations that include Peten, El Remate, Lake Atitlan, and Antigua. This retreat is hosted by Granafort and GratitudeGrams, two companies who value self-care, exploration, education, gratitude, and sustainability efforts with nature.

Granafort, an international organization focused on sustainable investments in agriculture and the communities that sustain them, is a supporter of a local project in Guatemala-- Las Azucenas. At Las Azucenas, high grade tropical hardwoods are cultivated with the results of ecosystem regeneration. This designated area is also a habitat of restoration for over 200 species on the verge of extinction, and it employs over 150 QWeqchi Mayan families from the neighboring town of Concoma, Guatemala. The impacts of this initiative are multiple, and with the partnership of the Good Always and the Stones of Light Education Foundation, each 10,000 trees purchased supports one year of education for at least 1,000 children through the foundation.

In addition to community impact, this retreat ensures participants are given opportunities of self-care and personal development through GratitudeGrams, a wellness company based on fundamental values of human connection, kindness, positivity and inspiration. GratitudeGrams takes part in the daily programming of this retreat to ensure participants are given opportunities for self-reflection, human connection and the experience of being in a state of gratitude.

We are inviting a limited number of guests to this transformational wellness retreat to further immerse in the cultural legacy and energetic practices of the Mayan. Guided by world-renowned practitioners, we will visit Mayan historical sites, pristine lakes, and islands, learn about the Mayan calendar, familiarize ourselves with our individual Mayan energies, engage in daily gratitude journaling created by GratitudeGrams, practice restorative breathe and movement through yoga, and many more adventures that bring peace and joy.

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The Mayan Wellness

Retreat offers a personal transformational experience where you will perceive yourself and the world differently by expanding your perception time and space (Najt), and your interaction with others during different periods of your life (past, present, future, transcendental) by applying ancient Mayan knowledge and meditational techniques. Our purpose is for you to experience and gain knowledge of this ancient wisdom so you can incorporate it into your daily life, relationships, and community.

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Spiritual Connection

Spirits need grounding, gratitude, and new energy flows for a renovation. You will have a space for grounding and connection to earth, a Mayan fire ceremony in Tikal, and 7 days of Gratitude Meditation. All of them are opportunities that will prepare you for our days of Mayan Energies Seminar in lake Atitlan.

Wellness Activities

Our wellness retreat will empower you to experience a different way of conscious- ness and prepare you for your spiritual renovation by adding mind and body activities: daily Yoga, Reiki, reforestation activity in Las Azucenas, journaling and visit to several Mayan communities for interaction.


Creating the ultimate experience of self-exploration, fulfillment and spiritual renovation while immersing in a Mayan Energy Seminar to explore your birth Mayan energy, your strengths and weakness, maternal and paternal lineage and other transpersonal activities to RENOVATE your spirit.

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What’s included in the retreat

  • Airport pickup and drop-off.
  • 11 nights' accommodation (additional day optional).
  • Shuttle Transportation to all activities and sites.
  • Welcoming night dinner and packet.
  • Fresh and delicious meals are provided daily.
  • 2-day Mayan Energetic Workshop at Lake Atitlan.
  • 60-minute one-on-one Reiki Session.
  • Visit Mayan archeological sites
  • Wi-Fi connection at hotel.
  • Top-rated Hotel Accommodations and meals.
  • Reforestation Planting Ceremony in Las Azucenas Farm.
  • 7-Day Gratitude Journey.
  • Yoga sessions.
  • Refreshments and snacks during excursions.
  • Temescal and Hot Spring.
  • Tikal, Yaxha, Uaxactun.

Meet Your Hosts:

  • Maria Isabel Quezada, Mayan Energy Master & CEO of EduFuturo.
  • Asal Azizoddin, Oncology Pharmacist, Gratitude coach & CEO of
  • Adriane Kim Hosking, Reiki Healer.
Maria Isabel Quezada

Maria Isabel Quezada

Mayan Energy Master & CEO of EduFuturo

Asal Azizoddin

Asal Azizoddin

Oncology Pharmacist, Gratitude coach & CEO of GratitudeGrams

Adriane Kim Hosking

Adriane Kim Hosking

Reiki Healder

Day 1

(Wednesday 1/19/2022)
Arrival - (D)

  • Morning and Afternoon: Arrival in Guatemala City and meet at the hotel.
  • Welcome dinner to meet fellow retreat participants.
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Day 2

(Thursday 1/20/2022)
Heading to Flores /
Start of Gratitude Journey - (B,L,D)

  • Hotel pickup and transportation to fly TAG Airlines to Flores. We arrive at Flores and transportation will be provided to our Hotel: Gringo Perdido, a lake-front property on the Peten Itza lake.
  • Afternoon visit to Ixlu Women Community.
  • Gratitude Journey Meditation Day 1.
  • Opportunity for yoga.
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Day 3

(FRIDAY 1/21/2022)
Yaxha Site /
Sunset / Reiki - (B,L,D)

  • Yoga/Meditation
  • Visit to Yaxha Site. Yaxha is a former ceremonial center and city of the pre-Columbian Maya civiliza tion. Yaxha was the third largest city in the region and experienced its maximum power during the Early Classic period (c. AD 250-600). The city was located on a ridge overlooking Lake Yaxha. The name of the city derives from the Mayan for blue-green water.
  • Sunset at temple 216 overlooking lake Yaxha.
  • Gratitude Journey Meditation Day 2.
  • Private Reiki sessions.
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Day 4

(SATURDAY 1/22/2022)
Las Azucenas - (B,L,D)

  • Visit to tree plantation LAS AZUCENAS.
  • Plant a tree in the jungle and get to know our communitarian work.
  • Gratitude Journey Meditation Day 3
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Day 5

(SUNDAY 1/23/2022)
Lake Peten Itza /
Tikal/ Mayan Ceremony - (B,L,D)

  • Yoga / Meditation.
  • Morning ride to Lake Peten Itza to honor the water energy.
  • After an early lunch, we will start our visit to Tikal and finish with a Mayan Ceremony in the Central Plaza. Be prepared for the best night of your life, where time/space are one.
  • Gratitude Journey Day 4
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Day 6

(MONDAY 1/24/2022)
Uaxactun /
Community of Women /
Observatories - (B,L,D)

  • Yoga / Meditation.
  • Morning ride to Lake Peten Itza to honor the water energy.
  • Transportation to Uaxactun where we will visit our second community of Women (exporters of Xate, and ornamental plant that grows in the jungle) and the Observatories of the Mayan Site of Uaxactun.
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Day 7

(TUESDAY 1/25/2022)
Lake Atitlan /
Mayan Energy - (B,L,D)

  • Flight back to Guatemala City, transportation to Lake Atitlan, an ancient crater, now a lake with three volcanoes.
  • Boat ride to our hotel: Lomas de Tzununa.
  • In the afternoon we will begin our series of workshops on MAYAN ENERGY.
  • Gratitude Journey Meditation Day 6.
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Day 8

(WEDNESDAY 1/26/2022)
Lake Atitlan / Mayan Energy /
Temescal Experience - (B,L,D)

  • Lake Atitlan.
  • Continuation of Mayan energy workshops.
  • In the afternoon, immerse in a Temascal experience.
  • Gratitude Journey Meditation Day 7.
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Day 9

(THURSDAY 1/27/2022)
Antigua / Market /
Colonial Ruins - (B,L)

  • Lake Atitlan.
  • Free day to tour the lake. Boat ride to San Juan La Laguna or trekking experience.
  • In the afternoon, immerse in a Temascal experience.
  • Night closing ceremony.
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Day 10 & 11

(FRIDAY 1/28/2022 &
SATURDAY 1/29/2022) Antigua / Possible Return - (B), Day 11 - (B, D)

  • Transportation to Antigua Guatemala, a beautiful colonial town, surrounded by the volcanoes of AGUA, FUEGO and ACATENANGO.
  • Free day to visit the market and colonial ruins.
  • Farewell dinner & continuation of legacy.
Shopping & Farewell In Panama Shopping & Farewell In Panama Shopping & Farewell In Panama

Day 12

(SATURDAY 1/30/2022)
Optional Day to Extend Trip

  • Enjoy Antigua as an extra day, or transportation to Guatemala City to take your flight home.
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  • EARLY BIRD PRICE - $3,600 per person by November 30th, 2021.
  • USE PROMO CODE: EB250 Save $280 for Early Bird.
  • Full Price $3,860.
  • Double Room $3,680.
  • Private Room additional $700.
  • Plus an Additional Optional Deposit of $500 to RESERVE YOU SPACE for Helicopter ride to El Mirador.

Spots are Limited | Flights not Included.


  • In the event the trip is canceled due to Covid or shutdown, we will ensure that our provider's policy is a full refund and in any event, may only cause nominal handling fees that are customary.
  • We are looking after these details and we are working within a close network of known providers that go the extra mile for their guests.
  • To sign up and for further questions:


Abigail Ortega, Las Azucenas
Guardian to Granafort

Adriane Kim and Scott Hosking, Managing Members of Good Always & Stones of Light Education Foundation

Alain Romero, Economist, founder of Granafort, Lead of Las Azucenas Reforestation Initiative.

Javier Garcia Esquivel, Agricultural Engineer, Owner of Las Azucenas Farm.

Jose Carrera, Director of Rainforest Alliance

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*Spots are limited

  • The cost of the trip includes lodging and amenities below. Flight is not included. Flight arrangements can be completed with our trusted travel agent, or purchased on your own.

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