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Black Expats in Panama®️ Cultural Relocation Tours

by Santiago Aguilar 06 Jun 2023 0 Comments
Black Expats in Panama®️ Cultural Relocation Tours

Welcome to the FAMOUS Black Expats in Panama®️ Cultural Relocation Tours that everyone is talking about. This unique tour (in a class by itself), not only shows you an amazing mix of city, suburbs and beach living options, but also allows you to experience the rich culture, history and DELICIOUS food of Afro Panamanians. You will have the opportunity to meet hand selected professionals who are standing by to assist you on your relocation journey or fact-finding mission. In most cases (based on availability), you will have the opportunity to meet Black expats who are already living in Panama and learn of their personal experiences. You will get to see Colon and learn about the complex history of that region from Certified Afro Panamanian Tour Guides carefully selected with you in mind. Of course, you will learn the general history of Panama, but this Tour also includes the Afro history of the country. We learn about the West Indian contributions to the Panama Canal. You will have opportunities for one-on-one consultations and casual conversations with me, Founder and CEO of BEIP, Charlotte Van Horn. You will receive ALL the relocation information you expect PLUS so much more! Black Expats in Panama Tours support Black Owned and Local Businesses whenever possible. We aim to make a positive impact on Panama and give more than we take from this generous, BEAUTIFUL country. Panama has allowed so many expats to find the PEACEFUL living we so richly deserve. You will experience all kinds of surprises and special moments/touches along the way that promise to make your short stay unforgettable. When you leave, you will KNOW you have a new FAMILY here in Panama waiting for your return. On this tour, our "solo travelers" never feel alone. We became family from the first night! People have called THIS Black Expats in Panama Cultural Relocation Tour "LIFE CHANGING". . . come see why. We will greet you in Panama with open arms YOU deserve THIS . . see you soon! - Charlotte Van Horn

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