Cuba - The Afro-Cuban Tour Experience
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Welcome to Cuba

Cuba is a country with incredible history orignally inhabbited by Coboney, Guanahatabey, andTaino. Today Cuba is a mix of culturesdeeply rooted in African influence and musical traditions. “Afro-Cuban ritual dances form a huge group of Cuban dances and reflect the four main groups of Africans that were transported to Cuba: the Kongo-Angola of west-central Africa, Arará (as they are known in Cuba, descendants of Fon and other ethnic groups from what are now Benin and Togo), Yoruba (largely from Nigeria), and Carabalí (as they are known in Cuba,

from the Calabar River regions of Cameroon and Nigeria).The best-known dances are attached to the Yoruba-based Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria,”(Source Britannica)For the next 6 days of this Afro Cuban tour you'll have the opportunity to experience the deep cultural heritage of this beautiful island encapsulated in time. The journey you are about to take will be filled with amazing landscape, colorful streets, iconic Cuban music, the famous Cuban Cigars, classic cars, amazing architecture, and the warmth and happiness of the Cuban people.

Day 1

Welcome to Havana

Arrive at the International Airport Jose Marti (HAV). Our team will be waiting for you and welcome you to La Habana. You'll soon discover that Cuba is a time-capsule and your mind will be stimulated with music, colors, people and an island atmosphere. You'll arrive at Old Havana Calle Del Prado where your beautiful local lodging awaits your arrival.

The afternoon is yours to enjoy. We will have a Welcome dinner at a local restaurant.


Walk the streets of Old Havana
Casa De Africa visit

A fun day in Old Havana, visiting Plaza de Armas, Plaza San Francisco, Plaza Vieja and Plaza de la Catedral all iconic squares in Havana may date back to the early 1500's. You will visit local art galleries, and crafts markets to meet with local artists and learn about the techniques they use to make remarkable crafts.You’ll visit CASA DE AFRICA, a quaint museum for an Afro Cuban History, religion and Art tour. The museum houses over 2000 pieces from large sculptures to miniature pieces made of ivory. In the evening we will enjoy a delicious dinner in Havana and visit the Hotel Inglaterra at night for an amazing night of music and dance. Enjoy all of these and more when you book our Cuba - The Afro-Cuban Tour package and experience Havana Afro Cuban tour and Afro Cuban Cultural & heritage tour. Book Now.

Iberostar Packard

Iberostar Packard


Visit Pinar del Río - Viñales

Enjoy breakfast and head out to Pinar del Rio known as the land that produces the world’s best tobacco. Pinar del Rio offers a landscape of unusual and incomparable beauty, from the highest mountains to the sea floor. This region is character- ized by its valleys, mountains, caves, rivers, cliffs and fertile land. There are two National Parks, the Valley of Viñales and the Biosphere Reserve of Peninsula of Guanahacabibes, declared as cultural landscape heritage sites by UNESCO for the rural life centered on its tobacco farming. You will be introduced to local cigar makers, producers and farmers, this will give you the opportunity to learn about the life of Pinar del Rio. Lunch will be served at a ”Farm to Table” experience. In the evening get ready for a private show where you'll have the opportunity to do rum tasting, mixology, music and more at a beautiful colonial mansion in Havana. Book Cuba - The Afro-Cuban Tour Experience package with ITA Global and experience Pinar del Rio Vinales Valley vacation and enjoy the above attractions and more.

Day 4

Matanzas & Varadero

Varadero is known for having some of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean and once you arrive you may also agree with this statement. On our way to Varadero we will make a stop in the City of Matanzas, where Carlota Lucumí, also known as La Negra Carlota and Lucumí Ferminia was known as one of the leaders of the slave rebellion at the Triunvirato plantation in Matanzas, Cuba during the Year of the Lash in 1843–1844. Together with Ferminia Lucumí, Carlota led the slave uprising of the sugar mill "Triunvirato" in the province of Matanzas, Cuba on November 5, 1843.(Source; Wikipedia)

Once you arrive in Varadero, you will check into your Hotel. The evening is for your enjoyment. The All Inclusive Hotel has many amenities for your entertaiment. Book The Afro-Cuban Tour Vacation package with ITA Global and experience Afro Cuban tour of Varadero and visit the above attractions and more…

Day 5

Islands, Beach and Cayo Blanco

Today you will get to visit the Island of Cayo Blanco, this place has one of the most spectacular beaches in Varadero. The crew will pick you up and depart to the Marina where you will get to meet the crew of the Catamaran. You will spend the afternoon at the island, swimming, relaxing and enjoying a delicious lunch. You will be back to Varadero by 4:00 pm with enough time to relax and enjoy a goodbye dinner in Town. Enjoy Afro Cuban tour of Cayo Blanco and more when you book our Cuba - The Afro-Cuban Tour Experience package.

Day 6

Varadero - Havana

Wake up and enjoy your last morning in Cuba, after breakfast we will head back to Havana. Depending on your departure time you will either go directly to the airport or you’ll have the time for some last minute shopping in Havana. Until Next Time!


What is included


· 3 Nights Iberostar Grand Packard

· 2 Nights Iberostar Varadero (All Inclusive)


· Daily Breakfast

· Daily Lunch

· Daily Dinner


· Private transportation throughout your trip


· Private Transportation

· Tours & Activities

· Authentic Experiences with local guides


· Havana

· Pinar del Rio

· Viñales

· Varadero

What else is included

· Cuban VISA & Affidavit
· Certified Tour director
· Cuban Driver & Transportation
· Cuban Bilingual Guide
· Activities as indicated in your itinerary

Note: It is still illegal for U.S. citizens to visit Cuba for general tourism and/or recreational activities. However, the U.S. Treasury Depart- ment Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has issued 12 categories of legal travel to Cuba under a General License, one of which being “support for the Cuban people”. ITA GLOBAL is able to offer a legal trip to Cuba under the General License of Support for the Cuban People. Our itinerary provides a full-time schedule of activities designed to result in support of local businesses and individuals in Cuba. United States law requires that all participants in our trip adhere to the full-time schedule of our itinerary. The experience will be unique, authentic and most importantly educational in all aspects.

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