Mexico culinary experience Welcome to Mexico City! Get ready for an amazing Mexico Luxury Culinary Tour or Mexico Luxury Culinary Trip that revolves around traditional and infusions of Mexican Cuisine...

Mexico culinary experience

Welcome to Mexico City! Get ready for an amazing Mexico Luxury Culinary Tour or Mexico Luxury Culinary Trip that revolves around traditional and infusions of Mexican Cuisine visiting some of the most incredible restaurants in the country and some of the TOP 50 Restaurants in the world. Every moment has been orchestrated for you to live the most authentic expression of Mexican culture, through music, history, food and the essence of its people in this Mexico Luxury Culture Tour & Mexico Luxury Culture Trip.

DAY 1 (D)

Bienvenido a Mexico

Welcome to Ciudad de Mexico. Upon arrival, you will be shuttled to your Hotel located in the CENTRO HISTORICO, where the team will give you a briefing on the rest of the weekend. Enjoy your welcome cocktails and get ready for a night of delicious food at the Maximo Bristrot Restaurant, lead by Chef Eduardo Garcia.

Authentic Mexican Cooking Experience

Learn how to prepare a complete four-course authentic Mexican menu, using the most flavorful and practical approaches of Mexican Gastronomy in this Mexico luxury culture & culinary tour or trip.

  • First course- Mexican appetizers with Mexican Salsas. Sopes are prepared and served on a molcajete with green and red salsa.
  • Second course- Prepare Mextlapiques tamales of prehis toric origins without masa, filled with a variety of vegeta bles, and aroma of a fresh mint salsa
  • Third course- White Mole with chicken. A festive and ritual of a meal from the central region of Mexico. Tradi tionally cooked for the grandest occasion.
  • Fourth course- Aura Cornbread with drizzled hot Mexi can chocolate.


  • All tastings will be served with your choice of the following drinks.
  • Agua fresca de guayaba.
  • Cerveza Artisanal Mexicana.
  • Mezcal de Oaxaca.
  • Vino Mexicano del Valle de Parras.

Taco Night

Over the course of the evening, we'll eat our way through Centro Historic° on a taco-centric crawl, exploring the capital's quintessential nighttime fare and after dark eateries that make Mexico City the world's unrivaled taco capital.

We'll hit 5 street food stops and pull up to the bar at a classic downtown cantina that is among the city's oldest for around of beers + tequila Since no visit to Mexico City would be complete without visiting a pulqueria, we drop by a charming spot to taste pulque, a fermented alcoholic beverage once reserved only for Aztec nobility. We'll end the night on a sugar high with a cajeta-stuffed churro fresh out of the oil.


Restaurant El Mayor is a proposal for high gastronomy in the heart of Mexico City Downtown. A multi proposal concept that includes terrace-deli, bar and restaurant with a view unique to the archaeological area of temple Mayor, the backs of the Metropolitan Cathedral, as well as majestic buildings of the Colonial and modern Mexico. The menu is based on classic Mexican food with a contemporary, where ingredients base of our Mexican gastronomic heritage are the main reason for the letter.


Tonight will be ultra-special as we visit the world-renown Pujol Restaurant, lead by famous Chef Enrique Olvera. You'll have the opportunity to taste the magical dishes that put Mexican cuisine on a world-class scale. Chef Olvera, draws ideas from everywhere, always reinterpreting and evolving. The key for him is always using his Mexican roots and the essence of the

DAY 4(B,L)

Xochimilco floating boats & mariachi experience

Wake up enjoy a delicious breakfast with a great Mexican Coffee. Today you'll visit the famous canals of Xochimilco, the last remnants of a vast water transport system built by the Aztecs. Xochimilco's floating gardens are the last vestige of Mexico's elaborate chinampas. You'll get to experience a true Mexican tradition in this Mexico luxury culture & culinary tour or trip. The afternoon will be to enjoy back at the hotel for a couple of hours of R&R. The rest of the night is yours to enjoy at your leisure.

Mexican Lunch

Enjoy a Frida Mexican style lunch during the trajinera ride.

  • Mexican Traditional Guacamole
  • Cactus Leaves Salad
  • Tostadas de Tinga (Chicken Tostadas)
  • Salpicon de ChicharrOn
  • Tortas de Bacalao
  • Corn bread
  • Mexican jelly's
  • Includes beverages: Agua Fresca, Mexican craft beer and artisanal mezcal

Hacienda Dolores Olmedo

Located in Xochimilco, at Mexico City's southern extreme, the Dolores Olmedo Museum is housed in a rambling stone structure, originally dating from the Sixteenth Century, formerly known as the Hacienda La Noria.

By donating her art collection to the people of Mexico, Dolores Olmedo Patifio (1908-2002) created a cohesive whole, where treasures of the fine arts were incorporated into colonial construction added during the Seventeenth Century, surrounded by lush gardens, shaded by singularly Mexican plant species, and inhabited by gorgeous animals like the magical peacocks -seemingly confected of living jewels—and the enigmatic hairless Xoloiztcuintle dogs, a Precolumbian breed that is unique to behold and warm to the touch. Book Mexico Luxury Culinary Tours & Trips Vacation Package with ITA Global.

DAY 5(B)


Buenos Dias, Today is your last day in Mexico City, enjoy your breakfast perhaps some last-minute shopping and head to the airport.

Mexico City Nightlife

The night is your to enjoy the best of Mexico city. There are a variety of bars, restaurants to conclude this historic Mexico luxury culture & culinary tour & trip vacation package.

`What is included?

1. Lodging * Top Mexico City Hotel

• Located in Centro Historico

2. Transportation

• All private ground transportation for organized activities

3. Meals

• Daily Breakfast

• Two Formal dinners (Maximo Bristrot & Pujol)

• Taco Night

4. Activities

• Personalized Market Tour with Chef

• Authentic & Fun Cooking Class

• Tacos After Dark - The best of Mexico city

• Mixology (Tequila & Mezcal Tastings)

• Xochimilco Food & Mariachi Experience

• Visit Hacienda Dolores Olmedo

• Walking tour of the Ciudadela - Artisans Market

• Centro Historico walking tour


• As described in your itinerary Beverages


• As described in your itinerary

• Alcohol - As described in your itinerary, usually part of a meal or activity

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